We Build Relationships.

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of designers, artists, communicators, digital experts and creative thinkers. Although we each come from different walks of life, we’ve banded together under one unifying principle; Make it better, do it better & build fans that last.

We know that the most important part of what we create is a long term relationship with our clients, who like us, have an incredible story to tell.

Why We Do It

It took us some time to figure out what we wanted to be. Are we an agency? Are we advertisers? Thinkers? Doers? Do we sit behind fancy mid century modern desks, drinking old fashioneds & chain smoking Lucky Strikes?!

After a while we realized something very important: it’s not so much about WHAT we are, but rather WHY we do it. We build & create brands, websites & ads because we believe in taking what is already good, & making it great.

Our Core Values

Relationships are Everything

This is where it all started and the reason we exist. Working with coworkers and clients that inspire, make us laugh and share their passion reminds us why we do what we do. Surrounding ourselves with amazing people not only makes us better in every aspect of work but makes life that much more enjoyable.

Set the Bar

We’re small but mighty and like setting standards. We don’t just focus on the bottom line but have built our reputation upon remarkable experiences that speak louder than we ever could. Always looking for areas of improvement drives our shared vision of greatness and leaves us adamant for our next challenge.

Don’t Get Comfortable

Comfort is the killer of creativity and progress. Finding ways to stay uncomfortable keeps our minds sharp and nurtures our “outside the box” thinking. We believe learning motivates us to test the boundaries of what “we don’t know, we don’t know” and inspire innovation.

Simplicity is Key

It’s not rocket science but sometimes it can feel that way. We’re fans of keeping it simple because it is simple. Being clear and concise makes things understandable and easy to accomplish. Our process from design to development is built on the principle of working smarter and not harder.

Always Ask Why

The only bad idea is an idea not said. We challenge our team to continually demand better answers because it opens up new realms of thought, forms refreshing new concepts and continues to make us better.

Be Yourself

We’re not normal but we like that about our team. Encouraging the things that make us creative are the things that make us great. Integrity, honesty and respect with clients and coworkers make for a fun and more productive environment and a happier life.

Life > Work

It’s not really work when you love what you do. Balancing a work life is important to the creativity, quality and happiness of what we do and how we do it. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest and that’s something we strongly support.

Quality Over Quantity

The core of what we stand for. We’re kinda picky but we like high quality, it’s as simple as that. Every project represents a small part of what we represent so we tend to take it personal but always in a good way. This is a no churning and burning zone, we’re fans of committed relationships.

The Team

“The team at Thirsty Agency is like no other I have ever worked with – great communicators, passion for what they do and 110% commitment to making sure we were happy with the end product. They were open, honest and understanding when I asked the same questions over and over. The Thirsty Team gave our business new life and we love them for it!”

• Rosie Z.