Jan 12, 2017

How to Get the Most Out of your Facebook Ads

There are many social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram more popular than Facebook but it still continues to be a marketing behemoth to every business out there today. Facebook currently has more than a billion daily active users sharing over 30 billion pieces of content every day but with their algorithm, your posts may get lost in the shuffle.

You may rely on organic posts to get some traction but paid advertisements will garner more visibility. Depending on your type of business, Facebook Ads may be the key to gaining new leads and conversions so we decided to share a few tips to improve your campaigns.

Determine your objectives

What do you want to accomplish with Facebook Ads? Sell more product, generate more email sign ups, increase brand awareness, video views, or increase likes for your page? It is always important to set goals before you execute your first campaign because it will give you something to strive for as well as set the tone for the Ads moving foward.


Test multiple ads

There are different ads to choose from: one single image, carousel, video, etc. You should run small budget campaigns to see how they do instead of putting all of your budgets into one single ad. Try different variations like images, call to actions, and copy. Then analyze the data and go with what worked the best.

Target Your Ads

Did you know there are many ways you can target your Facebook Ads? While you may think targeting everyone on Facebook could increase your chances of getting conversions, it is wiser to target niche groups instead. If you are targeting the wrong people, they will be uninterested in your brand or product resulting in lost money. For example, you might not want to target a high male demographic if you are selling women’s beauty products. You may have to try different campaigns targeting various audiences to see which demographics are converting as there are many attributes to choose from: location, gender, interests, and fans of similar pages/categories on Facebook.


Create your own audience

If you already have customer data (emails) for your brand, you can use that to target your ads called a “custom audience.” You can also expand on this by creating a “lookalike audience.” This will expand your audience greatly as it will find potential customers based on similar interests to those on your custom audience list.

Use call to actions

Having a good call to action is very helpful because it will allow the user to know what the ad is all about. If you want users to buy a product, a call to action might be “Shop Now” or “Buy Now”. It may sound a little aggressive but your ad must be clear on what you want people to do so people what you are trying to convey.

Rotate your ads often

Just like having to test multiple ads, you should rotate them often to keep your content fresh. You may be targeting the same people over and over and they will get annoyed if they see the same ad often. This will lead to them blocking your page/ad and they will never see your content again.


Include reviews

Nothing will relate more to a potential customer than testimonials from other people just like them. Word of mouth is still key when people are trying to look for new things to buy/try out so if you have customer reviews, try it out on an ad to see how it does.

Keep it short and sweet

Just because you are paying for these ads doesn’t mean you have to cram it with text. People will be scrolling through their feeds throughout the day so you want something that will catch people’s attention as well as get your point across to them quickly. If your ad doesn’t have a clear objective or is complicated, they will keep on scrolling and not pay attention to your ad at all.

written by Jamie Pham