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2 Languages, One Voice: Mexican National Team Road to Russia 2018

Christina Young - February 27, 2018

Anyone who knows us knows the Thirsty crew are die-hard soccer fans. While we all love sports in general, soccer, in particular, holds a special place in our hearts. The majority of us have experience playing competitively, and to this day you can find us kicking around a soccer ball, both in office and out on the field. So when the opportunity arose to work alongside Major League Soccer and the Mexican National Team, we jumped at the chance to combine “work” with one of our biggest passions.  

The Brief

Market El Tri’s #MEXTOUR of the United States leading into the 2018 World Cup taking place in Russia this summer. This entailed creative assets for a series of three games played across the country, culminating in Pasadena, CA at the Rose Bowl against Wales on May 28th.

We created billboards, digital ad banners, social & email graphics and a hype video to be played at the Press Conference announcing the highly anticipated send-off match taking place in Los Angeles. These assets would also coincide with the launch of new English language social channels and shared online by the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol, the governing body of Mexican soccer, and in-stadium during the final #MEXTOUR matches.

The Objective

Build buzz amongst the Mexican-American community and fans who identify with both nations across the US. Appeal to Mexico soccer fans in the US (particularly those in Los Angeles) to generate excitement for the US tour and upcoming World Cup.

The Concept

Connect the dual national community with their love and passion for both Los Angeles and Mexico. Channel that connection to create excitement for the Mexican National team as the lone representative of North America in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Advertisements don’t have to be boring. This was essential to our process and apparent in our renderings. We wanted to captivate people (fans and non-fans alike) by breaking away from traditional looking assets and creating something aesthetically pleasing. A key component in developing the creative was to incorporate not just the players, but the fans as well.


The Process

Think tank, interviews, research & discovery, storyboard, script, casting, location scouting, permits, logistics, filming, voice over, editing, editing, and more editing.

We wanted to capture an authentic tone that stays true to the perspective of dual national millennials. The inspiration for the script came from speaking with friends and family. In particular Cindia Velasco, who gave us a heartfelt message that aligned with our vision and message we wanted to convey.

As we storyboarded our ideas, we looked for iconic Los Angeles landmarks enriched with Latino culture that would visually represent and strengthen the emotional connections with these dual nationalities. In the end, we included Highland Park, Olvera Street, Mariachi Plaza, and of course, the Rose Bowl.

As we were kicking ideas back and forth (pun intended) about how to bring this same concept to life onscreen, we thought what better way to connect Mexico to Los Angeles than to incorporate a Mexican international plying his trade in LA? Having scored an iconic goal in the Rose Bowl during the 2011 Gold Cup, it was our dream that we could incorporate Giovani dos Santos in our production. Thanks to Vicky Mercado and Chris Glidden over at the LA Galaxy, we were able to make that dream a reality. Gio was kind enough to take part in our video and was just as awesome off the field as he is on.

The Final Cut

With the final version of the video, we wanted to make sure to hit three points. The first, create an authentic association between Los Angeles, Mexican-Americans and the Mexican National Team. Secondly, we wanted this connection to be heartfelt and give the viewer goosebumps. Lastly, we wanted to awe the audience and hype them up with the build-up introducing Giovani and the slate of highlights. The video itself received positive reviews from the Mexican Federation and those in attendance at the press conference where it made its debut. To keep up with the Mexican National Team, be sure to follow the Mexican National Team on Facebook & Twitter for up to the minute news and to see more of our work.

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