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2019 Thirsty Interns

Thirsty Agency - August 15, 2019

Thirsty is excited to announce the signing of two new students to their internship academy:

Last month, we had the privilege of welcoming Kimberly Au and Sabrina Ichiho to our Thirsty Internship Program.

From taking the lead on concepting, pitching and executing their own brand campaign, to mastering the art of making their own in-house oat milk lattes, they’ve continuously impressed us.

Get to know a little more about them below:

Kimberly Au

Role: Design Intern

From: Los Angeles, CA

Studying At: Cal Poly Pomona

Tagline:Inspired by moments and experiences that shape and unravel me.”

Did you find design or did it find you? 

“My dad introduced me to design! He connected me to my first internship at a small graphic design shop. After that, it was history!”

Current State of Design? 

“Evolving quickly in all areas, but I am most interested in design that is focused on cultivating user experience. Personalization through data collection is both amazing and shocking. I could go on and on!”

How you get your creative juices flowing? 

I use Instagram as a way to stay updated on trending or innovative design. I use to get motivated!

What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your work?

“Muji is a brand I find myself looking into often. I am amazed by their ability to capture consumer interest mainly through the brand’s philosophy and design.”

What has been the most interesting/surprising part of interning at a creative agency so far? 

“Being in a creative space does not yield creative thinking as a by-product (at least not every time). But being passionate about the work I am doing is the catalyst for a lot of great work! Collaboration is also so important to making this process more successful.”

Sabrina Ichiho: 

Role: Marketing Intern

From: Huntington Beach, CA

Studying At: Boston University

Tagline: “the most not put together, put together person.”

What led you to study Advertising in Boston? 

“Many personality and career tests later, I actually found something that I’m passionate about and enjoy learning!”

Thoughts on the Current State of Advertising?

“It’s very political these days. I don’t hate the fact. I understand why people make it political. It gets people talking and forming opinions, whether they love or hate the idea it generates buzz.”

How do you get your creative juices flowing? 

“The honest answer: a deadline. But nothing like the Star Wars or Narnia score to get ya going.”

What brands/campaigns do you most admire and how are they challenging you? 


As long as I could remember I loved One Shining Moment. NCAA puts on their annual march madness tournament, and traditionally after the championship game they feature their famous “One Shining Moment” 

Granted, I cry pretty easily and grew up playing basketball, but it never fails to move me to tears. I want to cultivate all the emotions: happy, sad, excitement, anger. It amazes me how music with good cinematography has the ability to make me feel a certain way. To me that is what makes a great ad and what challenges me to think creatively.

What has been the most interesting/surprising part of interning at a creative agency so far?

What surprised me the most is how talented everyone is. Everyone here has such a broad spectrum of talents and abilities in the industry. Gotta start working on my design skills.

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