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We make it a point Monday mornings when we get into the office to discuss some of the things that are currently inspiring us or anything we find interesting. We find that it’s a cool way to jumpstart our creativity and expand our perspective heading into the new week. Here are some of the things that pique our interests:


From Reality to Idea – Andrew Reveles

Not too long ago I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a very interesting post. It caught my eye immediately and I thought it was such a cool concept.

It was a basketball hoop that looked like it had come straight out of a cartoon. The idea of reverse engineering tangible items back to the inception of the idea. In a cool twist of fate, the artist Joshua Vides’ attended the same high school as I did, around the same time (Shout out Los Osos.)  He has since taken his concept and run with it, showcasing two iterations of Reality to Idea, an exhibit in Los Angeles. From traffic cones to cars, his artwork knows no bounds. He even caught the eye of Air Jordan sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, after he saw him putting his spin on classic Jordan sneakers. I love the creativity behind the entire process, breaking down the complex and showcasing the simplicity. Vides is far more than just Reality to Idea, he is also behind W.A.N.T.S and Workwell Design. I’m sure we are only seeing the beginning of what is to come from Vides, and I’m looking forward to it.


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Stay Inspired – Patrick Anderson

I think one of the more interesting things about keeping yourself inspired is by continually keeping an eye out for things that fascinate and/or delight you. I think a big part of growing your perspective is jumping behind the lens of someone else and the way they see a particular event or circumstance. I think it’s always fascinating to see what can be done with the ordinary to make it extraordinary. Personally, I’ve been working on developing more of routine that allows me to carry more creative discussions by sharing things I find interesting with the hope of invoking greater conversations with my team. The hope is that it draws out a new perspective and ways of thinking that constantly keep us on our toes and always looking for the best and exciting ways to tell our clients stories. Below are some things (old/new) that I’ve come across in the last few weeks that I felt left me with a new conversation or thought. Take a look and ask yourself these questions. How did it make you feel? What was the mood? Did it change your perspective? Think about all the elements separately and how they come together to create something. Hope you enjoy!

Check out

Wes Anderson // Centered

Outside Lands 2018

Vogue Japan

Koreatown Run Club

Apple Homepod


Serious Listening  – Jon Cairoli
Over time, radio has taken the backseat to streaming music services, but I feel it still holds up strong. I started listening to The Woody Show on accident while living in Long Beach and my CD player wasn’t working in my car (I’ll explain what a cd player is in another blurb.) Four years later I find myself listening to The Woody Show more than anything else on my drive to work. There is something about this morning show team that captures everything I love about the art of radio. Working in the advertising industry, sometimes we get lost in the day to day. I need that slapstick conversation to help jump start my day on top of getting all my daily news, sports and millennial trends (Tide pod challenge anyone?) If you are looking for a real, honest and funny show to get you through your morning commute, I highly recommend this one!

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Share Your Snacks – Carlos Oliva

Over the past few years, I’ve built a pretty extensive library of social media accounts that I follow for inspiration. I feel it’s important that I constantly evolve as a creative and these accounts help me do just that. Content is king, and over the past year, I’ve noticed a shift in creating small snippets of content that are eye-catching and shared consistently. The more you create the more you are noticed. With our focus shifting toward more impactful content creation and storytelling, here are a few accounts I’ve come across that are pushing the bounds of creativity and keeping me motivated.

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