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How to get your business started with social media

Jamie Pham - March 10, 2016

It seems like there are a ton of different social media platforms out there today with new ones popping up every few months. With everyone of all ages using smartphones, social media apps are taking up a lot of real estate on these devices. You can’t escape it and neither should your business because it could generate new followers and bring in new sales.

Choosing your platforms

Social media presence is vital in this fast paced world we’re immersed in, so what should you do? It is very important to assess every platform to see which ones will give you the most engagement.

Some of the current major players are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Not all businesses will benefit from every platform but it is important to have a presence and be familiar with each one. It is up to you to determine which will provide the best return on investment and which to focus your time on. For example, a restaurant might not do well on Vine or YouTube so they would want to spend their time focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In short, choose social channels you can contribute to on a regular basis and speak to your perfect client.

Basic profile contents

Once you have created your profiles, you want to enter all of your information like name, website, profile picture/logo, and a short biography. Make sure everything is concise enough for people to know an idea what your business does and where they can go to get more information. Keep it simple and utilize their curiosity to guide them to the right place.


If you are new to social media and/or a certain platform, you can learn more by seeing what your competitors are doing.

Are they posting pictures? Interesting articles? Informative blogs? And how are they engaging with their customers?

It is important to get an idea of the content they are putting out in order to create your own. A quick Google search will pull up all of their social media properties so take some time to go through each one to see what kind of things they are posting.

Strategic Planning

Once you have done your research, it is time to start planning your social media strategy. By doing this, you will be able to get a sense of what you want to post every day/week. This will also help you be on the lookout of new content to share. If you need images for Instagram, start taking pictures of what you do every day relating to your business so you can post them at a later time. Always make sure you are using your own photos or free stock photos online to avoid copyright issues with your social accounts and be aware of social platform policies and restrictions


This is the most important step. You may not be confident at first but publishing content on a daily basis is vital to staying relevant and consistent. Writing a blog post and publishing it on Facebook once will have an initial impact but will quickly lose attention as it gets buried underneath the massive amount of content other people are putting out on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to keep sharing your company, blog, product or old articles because it shows social presence and keeps your brand fresh in people’s minds.

Tip: When posting, invite people to respond and share their thoughts. Social platforms are designed as a place to converse and share, get them talking. This will result in greater engagement and attention.

Plan re-assessment

Once you have a steady stream of content going, make sure you look back to see which posts did well and which didn’t. Social media is all about experimentation (trial and error) and going “outside the box.” Try everything and quantify the results. From there, you can make edits to your plan and fine tune new ideas that drive further engagement and potential new business.

Every time we start working with a new company at Thirsty, our team replicates the same steps listed above to strategize and execute every social media plan. Since every company requires different channels of communication, we focus on picking platforms that best serve their initiative. By personalizing every campaign we’re delivering engaging social content that building followers who act more like fans.

Want to learn more about our process or have insight of your own?

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