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Practice What You Preach: Social Media That Matters

Alex Tutungi - January 25, 2019

Your social media presence matters.”

It’s something we find ourselves preaching time and time again. We could be meeting to discuss web design, or branding, or experiential, but one way or another, social media finds its way into the discussion. It seems that social media concern lingers in the back of every business owner’s mind.

And while most would agree that having a presence on social media is important, the “why” or the “how” is where things can get confusing. So if you’re tired of hearing “social media matters” and don’t have all the answers on how to get started, keep reading. Answers starting… now.

There isn’t a one size fits all strategy, so we want to share our social media methodology and why taking the time to figure out how to work smart with social media, can be a game-changing approach for any business.

At Thirsty, we believe that the ultimate goal of social media should be to establish an understanding of who you are and what your brand is all about, in a way that resonates with your audience and deepens their trust (because they’re scrolling endlessly just like the rest of us). For us, the two most important aspects of maintaining a social media presence are 1) consistency and 2) quality.

The Why

First, we have to acknowledge the current social media climate is a little saturated. We know that because we lost track of how many accounts thought changing their profile picture to the “world record egg” was a legitimate way to drive traffic. Spoiler alert…it wasn’t.

That saturation also means that a tangible ROI for your business might not always be easy to discern, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. There are other KPIs to that become valuable when you understand the reasoning behind why a particular social media channel is important and why you’re putting out the specific content you are.

Today, the average person likely won’t complete a transaction directly on social media, but they WILL use it to try and learn everything they can about you. For example, imagine someone is trying to decide between two competitors: they find one business is current, educational and engaging on social media, giving them a deeper understanding of not only the brand but the people behind it. The other option is absent or clearly lacking direction. Guess who left the better impression?

The impression you leave on a visitor is harder to measure but isn’t any less valuable. The more you know about someone or something, the more you trust it. The more you trust it, the more likely you are to commit to it. This applies for products, services, pretty much everything.  

The How

Your content doesn’t need to be groundbreaking or even “sales” driven. It’s about finding a way to convey your brand in a way that feels like people can relate to it. It’s exactly why at Thirsty, we make it a point to practice the same strategy we preach.

If you head to our Instagram, you’ll see that we treat it as a crucial extension of our brand and a valuable impression maker for people who want to know what we’re all about: we’re about fandom because we are fans. Building relationships with each other. Appreciating our city. Enjoying new experiences and hobbies…oh and of course, creating cool shit for clients we love.

We’ll never advise a client to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. We value our time as much as anyone. If you’re struggling to get excited about committing to a social media strategy, think of it as a necessary discipline. Sure, there may be things that get you more fired up in the morning, but it’s how we stick to the disciplines that determine if we push through. You got this. 

You don’t think we’re done with this topic, do you? We’ve got a lot more to say about this, so be on the lookout for future social media posts where we dive into things like the influencer market and the oh so infamous “Fyre” festival. Don’t miss it!

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