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Concept Consultation Design Development Packaging Strategy

Anfield Shop

  • Date

    January 4, 2018

  • Skills

    Strategy, Dev, Design

  • Client

    Anfield Shop

Project Info

This is Anfield

To be the best resource for LFC items for North American fans.
A straightforward and powerful mission statement, Anfield shop is the premier retailer of Liverpool FC merchandise in North America. Working directly with LFC as well as other other retailers globally, Anfield Shop is sure to have the products you are looking for.

Project Info

You'll Never Walk Alone

Using the existing fandom and storied history of LFC, we constructed a campaign that entices current and new fans of the club. By personalizing the message from brand to consumer in the form of e-mail marketing, social media and paid advertisement. When it came to creating original product designs, we looked at it from the perspective of LFC fans and created designs that highlighted multiple era’s from the storied history of the club.

Project Info


The established fan base of European & North American LFC supporters provided a massive advantage from a social perspective. By curating content that tells a story and supporting it with high quality imagery, we were able to cater to the existing fan base and simultaneously generate new fans. By promoting products in alignment with upcoming matches or events, we were able to secure eyes to the Anfield Shop accounts and website. Promoting a product is one thing, engaging with followers is the driving point in any social campaign. By interacting with followers, as well as current and past players of the club, Anfield shop became an influential online presence and continues to lead the way in all things LFC stateside.

Tailor-Made for
Reds in North America

The Anfield Box provided a true differentiator and served as an innovative offering to LFC fans. The premise: An exclusive quarterly subscription with theme-driven boxes specific to the club and events surrounding it. By utilizing the convenience and exclusive nature a subscription box offers, we were able to offer fans something extraordinary and engage them on a whole new level of fandom.

Project Info


By Organizing, segmenting and engaging the right people at the right time, we were able to provide substantive and informative messaging to subscribers. Using the buzz and anticipation of the upcoming Premier League and past statistics we constructed a campaign that entices new subscribers, personalizes automated messaging and overhauled all messaging with beautifully branded templates catered to all devices.

Victory is for the moment.
Pride is Forever.

Win, lose or tie. These are consistent results for any Premier League team. One thing that never changes is history. The ability to integrate multiple marketing tactics that supported one another created new and creative opportunities for furthered revenue. Most value is established based on better understanding of any brand. Creating a consistent hub of high-quality lifestyle branding alongside a product that educated and catered to the superfan/new fan by meeting them with an experience they could share together. This products independence from win, loss or tie allowed for fans to remember the history and glamour of their club in both highs and lows.