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Branding Design Development Strategy


  • Date

    November 6, 2017

  • Client


  • Deliverables:

    Web Dev, Design, CRM Integration,

Project Info

Modern Enterprise Point of Sale

We aimed to provide a slick, simple, and modern look that reflects the innovative, easy-to-use, lightning fast technology of the Appetize platform itself. The primary goal was to build awareness around the multiple products, revolutionary technology, and customized solutions Appetize provides for each industry vertical. We integrated useful resources, a chat system for easy access to customer service reps, as well as the Salesforce platform to streamline data capturing and lead funnels.

End-to-End Solutions

Empowering business owners with resources and tools of the trade is a big part of how Appetize provides end-to-end solutions that help hit (and surpass) a brand’s business goals. By developing data-driven, insightful, and visually engaging whitepapers, we’re also able to empower Appetize’s sales team with getting the right resources in the hands of decision makers.

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