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Branding Design Development Strategy

Forma Supply Co.

  • Date

    January 4, 2018

  • Client

    Forma Supply Co.

  • Deliverables:

    Branding, Product Design, Product Dev, Packaging Design, Web Dev, Email Marketing, Social Media, Campaign Strategy

  • Skills:

    Branding, Product Design, Product Dev, Packaging Design, Web Dev,

Project Info

Your Life. Your Essentials.

The idea around Forma Supply Co was actually more of a solution that focused on providing essential wear as part of a subscription process. The vision was simple, deliver quality wearable essentials that always change and create a community focused on supporting and educating one another’s styles. This project specifically went well beyond digital and needed consulting assistance in order to streamline the entire business process from initial web visit to front door delivery.

The Brand

Forma isn’t here to dress you (your mom already did that) but here to form the perfect union of necessity and convenience by providing wearable essentials for your everyday use.

Simplicity was the focus and led to individual pieces that work together and items that stand alone that will remain relevant for years to come. The mark is as simple as the mission, clean with 2 letter Fs mirrored and then inverted to create one solid icon that becomes instantly memorable. Not only does the brand allow for a more open interpretation not specific to a particular gender but the tagline “Your Life. Your Essentials.” supports a generic mission / vision shared amongst all members. Life supported by quality pieces of apparel.

Project Info

The Supply

With any product or service, in order to sell, well….you need to have an audience to sell to. Creating a brand that would help reflect the business’s goals gave Forma Supply Co the ability to soft launch and perform market research through social media before final launch of the e-commerce. By teasing product shots and slowly growing an email list for launch, we created buzz and excitement while also utilizing surveys to finalize the price point. This allowed us to stay within margins that offered exciting perks but still made Forma Supply Co scalable revenue.

Project Info


The idea behind social was to empower a community of subscribers and have them share how they #WEARFORMA. By incorporating high-quality imagery and storytelling, as well as encouraging the subscriber base to curate user-generated content, Forma Supply Co would grow organically, as well as utilizing promoted posts to reach a larger audience. Within a few weeks of actively curating and posting engaging content through social outlets, we were able to support a healthy soft launch alongside a temporary landing page that served to collect emails from interested subscribers

Project Info

Your Essentials: Delivered.

After months of customer feedback and product testing, Forma simplified into a single product option. By simplifying the product offering, Forma was able to focus on catering a higher quality experience and keep subscribers guessing month to month. With future goals to offer “one-off” exclusives, Forma refocused its aim on exclusiveness and convenience. Today, Forma has acquired hundreds of subscribers within a 12 month period with bigger plans to scale into exclusive items discounted to members.