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Gold Cup 2019

  • Date

    July 7, 2019

  • Skills

    Campaign Message, Branding, Consulting & Strategy, Content Production, Data Capture, Video, Social Media, Stadium Branding, Web Dev

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The Campaign

On our soil.
in our neighborhood.

Seeing your team on the world’s stage is a tremendous source of pride for a nation, but it isn’t the only thing that defines their legacy. That story begins at home. On our soil. In our neighborhood.


“This is Ours” celebrates the Gold Cup as a world-class tournament that unifies fans across 16 proud nations, giving them a unique experience to “own”– to become active participants as their team sets out to bring home the Gold. The Gold Cup is for our fans, for our region, for our players, for our own passion and love for our game. It’s time for us to show the world, “This is Ours.”


Geared toward the more established soccer fan, this campaign alludes to the gravity of the Gold Cup and what it means to the region. In contrast to the World Cup, and in light of divisive atmospheres, the Gold Cup unites the fans of North American, Central American and Caribbean teams who can take pride that their team is the best in the region. The World Cup is global, the whole world watches, but the Gold Cup… This Is Ours.

Positioned as a story driven, overarching campaign, “This Is Ours” aims to unite multicultural and multilingual fans and promote equality amongst nations which in return builds upon values designated by both Concacaf and FIFA to elevate the brand/brands and pique interest and curiosity among more casual fans.


The Approach

Develop an overarching campaign that works strategically (hand in hand with sponsors and influencer partners) in phases and key touch points. These would span for part of 2018 and into 2019 leading up to, and throughout the tournament.

Phase One: Brand Awareness / Early Ticket Sales
Priority Tactics: Grassroots, Social, Influencers, Tournament Hub, Email, Data Capture, Content Marketing

Phase Two: Ticket Sales / Promotional / Experiential
Priority Tactics: Paid Media, Retargeting, OOH, Broadcast, Social, Influencers, Content Marketing, Experiential, Email, Data Capture, PR

"This Gold Cup is a statement on the
growth of our Confederation"

- Concacaf President Victor Montagliani

By curating story highlights that feature high-quality content, storytelling, shareable assets, up to the minute coverage of events/updates, & swipe up features linking the ticket promos, landing page, & ticket info, we were able to increase engagement with the brand and grow the follower count substantially to create a bigger audience.


These social content pillars were conceptualized to bring continued education and celebration of the Gold Cup tournament. As newer and current fans of the tournament grew, continued definition of the tournament at large was vital to its brand equity and perceived value. Gold Moments, Team Showcase, Announcements & Ticket Offers/Promos, worked hand in hand to create a consistent rotation of impactful and strategic content while also creating clear direction for content development teams to execute. The result allowed for consistent higher quality touch points resulting in higher engagement for more reactive announcements.


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