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Consultation Development Strategy


  • Date

    January 4, 2018

  • Skills

    Web Dev, Email Marketing, Social Media, Campaign Strategy

  • Client



Redefining Player Safety

Backed by teams of scientists, neurosurgeons and engineers, Seattle based startup Vicis, Inc. has set out to drastically lower the number of head injuries in the NFL. Their new helmet provides four layers of protection that work in tandem to reduce the impact brought on during play. The design is a departure of the standard helmet used by the NFL since the 1970s. The aim is simple, substantially reduce the number of concussions and levels of CTE across the NFL.

Project Info

A Flexible Approach

We aimed to provide a sleek, simple and interactive look that focused and utilized high quality images and content. The primary goal was to build awareness around the innovative helmet design and the health advantages it possessed. We proactively set up and utilized an email marketing platform as well as measured analytics to understand fan segments to better organize them into specific communication funnels.

Project Info

Triumph Through Science

Supporting this product was much more than just putting up information on a website to purchase. Having a consistent brand experience across all platforms showcased the quality and attention to detail that was poured into this helmet. With a market battling to save the game of football from the concussion problem, it was essential that marketing pieces worked together to educate and showcase how revolutionary this helmet really is.