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The Fan Focus: One Shining Moment

Thirsty Agency - October 4, 2019

Today, we are pleased to present the next edition of “The Fan Focus” series! In these posts, we’ll talk about the most inspiring, formative marketing campaigns, ads and brands, that have made us fans. In this post, Thirsty Summer Intern, Sabrina Ichiho makes her agency blog debut with a breakdown of one of March’s most enduring sports traditions…no not the tournament…”One Shining Moment.”

Freshman year of college, I squeezed into a small dorm room and huddled around a small laptop screen to catch the final game of March Madness. The announcer exclaimed “Villanova is crowned your 2018 NCAA Champions!” to a couple of cheers, some moans, and eventually students trickling back to their dorm rooms. Puzzled, I thought to myself, “Where is everyone going?” Every true March Madness fan knows the tournament isn’t over yet. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, March Madness is a collegiate basketball tournament held annually by the NCAA. People from all over the nation go crazy over it. Whether you were an alumnus of the university, a current student, or just a hometown fan, everyone finds something to root for. Millions chase the impossible perfect bracket, waiting or dreading that massive upset.

It’s all so very exciting, but my favorite part? It’s what happens after the tournament is over. After all the games are played, and after the trophy is handed out to the winning team: “One Shining Moment.”

One Shining Moment is a song, written by David Barret, and sung by Luther Vandross. Every year, after the champion is crowned, the song is set to an emotional (maybe cheesy, but this is my story) montage of all those magical tournament feels. This enduring tradition is put together and showcased at the very end of the tournament, and has become a can’t miss moment for tournament fanatics that marks the symbolic “true” finale of the month-long festivities.  

Granted, I cry pretty easily and grew up playing basketball my whole life, but “One Shining Moment” never fails to move me to tears. Revist the path of that “Cinderella” team that captivated a nation. Feel your hatred for Duke rise once more in solidarity with good people everywhere. These aren’t actors: these are raw emotions from the soul. Barret’s lyrics paired with Vandross’s silky voice can have the ability to move even the toughest of sports goers to tears. 

The way “One Shining Moment” has cemented itself as a fan favorite moment, and their ability to generate a consistent emotional response elevates the tournament and inspires other brand partners to do the same. Brands know that there is a precedence for building a lasting relationship with fans. The right content has the ability to keep fans coming back year after year, even if it’s just a simple montage. 

In the end, do most people tune into March Madness purely for “One Shining Moment?” Probably not. But it did teach me that good advertising, when hits you right in the sweet spot, can fill you with tears of sadness, happiness, anger, and excitement all over the course of just 3 minutes. It’s the type of experience all of us are hoping we capture with any work we put out, especially at an agency.

“But time is short and the road is long. In the blinking of an eye, ah that moment’s gone”

“You’re right David Barrett. Time is fleeting. I should call my mom. Thank you ‘One Shining Moment.’” – Me, and probably other people too. 

– Sabrina Ichiho

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