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What We’re Listening To: Podcasts

Alex Tutungi - June 20, 2019


They need no introduction, but we’re gonna give one anyway.

2019 has seen a new record set in podcast popularity, with more than half of the U.S population listening to one.

And who could blame them? Podcasts are awesome and we’ll fight anyone who disagrees. They give us access to experts, thought leaders, innovators and conversations that matter to us, wherever we are. Their low cost to produce, lowers the barrier to entry for voices that would have never found a platform on television or the big screen.

Love non-stop coverage of new sneaker drops? There’s a podcast for that! Find troubling satisfaction in hearing the intimate details of grisly murders? You betcha there’s a ton of podcasts!

The best part is that you’re not alone, about 16 million people in the U.S are avid podcast fans.  Podcasts give us one more place to dive deep into our fandom, and find a community of fans.

We’re fans of a wide variety of podcasts. Today, we asked our resident podcast listeners what makes them fans of their favorite shows, and why you’ll definitely want to add them to your playlist. 

Luis Hernández

Graphic Designer, Viral Video legend and social content creator extraordinaire.

I’m listening to: Dissect, Bodega Boys, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Budden Podcast, State of the Culture

More and more people are looking for ways to be informed by the voices that have long been considered “nontraditional” but that reflect that society is evolving. The questions for traditional media formats like “Is this a personality that is safe for investment” or  “Are they worth the price of air time?” Podcasts give platforms to those who might have never found the backing of a studio full of bigwigs or concepts they consider too “niche” to be profitable.

What can a specific 4/4 measure from Kendrick Lamar teach us about racism? A detail on a shoe teach us about art culture? These podcasts use unexpected subjects and avenues, to open up broader social conversation.

It’s the voices that have long been told to “stay in their lanes” that have found overwhelming success in the podcast age, and loyal fans. It’s this theme of curiosity that makes Luis a fan of this collection of podcasts.

“A podcast is an easy way for me to discover new things that are going to help me learn,  question ideas or just making me laugh. I love learning from various artists in different or same disciplines as me, by hearing their struggles and victories. Podcast’s are more intimate, personal and I don’t have to be looking at my phone for content…all I have to do is put on some headphones and LISTEN.”

Carlos Oliva

Creative Director and owner of coveted “Best Sneaker Game” award.

ATM I’m listening to: The Business of Hype, The Anfield Wrap, Adventures in Design, Bodega Boys

Podcasts educate us. What we have always needed books for, we now have in our hands 24/7, from the minds of thousands of thought leaders.

Phones have dramatically increased our consumption of media, and podcasts have benefitted. The audio format allows us to consume without restrictions; you can be driving, lounging, working, or anything at any given time and be multitasking with your favorite podcast.

That’s exactly how Carlos takes advantage of the podcast space. As a partner and Creative Director  at Thirsty Agency, staying on top of current trends and relevant news is crucial. No matter how diverse your interests, you’re one search away from each topic, at any time.

“The business of hype gives me real stories of people in all types of industries that go through very similar struggles and very similar realizations of growth. Kind of puts everything in perspective about being creative and growing as an entrepreneur. The Anfield wrap is my connection to Liverpool Football Club–true fans from right in the city. I get news, fan match analysis, & stories. Adventures in Design is a collection of pods that all lead back to one thing–design. Industry stories, problems, all of it from real people that do what I do. Bodega Boys, “BX all Day!” Two dudes from the Bronx just being real and unapologetically funny about pop culture and trending topics. Lots of banter and lots of nonsense. I love it.”

Alexander Tutungi

Marketing Coordinator, Podcast Host and resident jack of all trades.

I’m listening to: The Memory Palace, The Moth, Radio Diaries

Stories, no matter how small, have the ability to change lives. Podcasting has only expanded our ability to tell the stories from the margins. It’s in these stories, that the podcasts here come to life.  

The Memory Palace, The Moth and Sounds Good all thrive by bringing untold stories to the forefront. Through them, you’ll gain a new appreciation for people and moments that have silently changed our world.

How Ida Lewis, nothing more than a humble lighthouse keeper, would pave the way for women to be scene as national heroes after a life spent saving sailors on the rough seas. How a plucky young aristocrat more interested in playing in the dirt than planting flowers, would discover the dangers of habitat depletion after a lifetime spent studying the lowly prairie chicken. How a mocked engineer, who asked “why turn a bridge sideways” would forever change the modern skyline. Moments our textbooks don’t have pages for, despite their impact on us everyday. 

The idea that your story, matters now even if no one is watching, is powerful.

“In a way, I would say that these podcasts all contributed to me pursuing a career in marketing and advertising. The Moth introduced me to the idea of a casual conversation as a moving experience, and The Memory Palace sold me on the power of the untold story. If the stories I was hearing could impact me so deeply, then maybe I could do the same for others by telling my own stories. Flash forward a few years, and it’s what I get to do everyday.”

Christina Young

Director of Operations and unanimous Thirsty MVP vote getter.

I’m listening to: My Favorite Murder, Murder Squad, Last Podcast on the Left, This Might Get Weird, Getting Curious

Let’s call this murderers row…and other assorted thoughts.

America is obsessed with True Crime and there are more than a few studies to support this claim. America is also obsessed with lovable hosts, sharing their opinions on anything and everything. That’s where this collect of podcasts intersect.

From multiple OJ Simpson Trial shows to Ted Bundy documentaries and feature films, and shows like True Detective and Fargo, there is a seemingly endless supply of True Crime. Creators and studios are obviously pleased with the consumption and listeners get the benefit of good storytelling, and in some cases, comfort gaining knowledge that could help them escape their own potentially “deadly” encounters.

If like Christina, you’re a fan of trying to find meaning in the unexplainable; from the horrific to the kinda strange, you’ll be right at home here.

“I guess I just like exploring life’s mysteries. Asking questions, trying to make sense of things…and even though we may not have all the answers, we can connect with each other in shared sense of dread, and curiosity, and laugh about it along the way.”

Thirsty Agency

Thirsty Vibes

What do ALL of these podcasts have in common?

We asked what “We Create Fans” means in a podcast format and decided to start our own.

“Thirsty Vibes” is a roundtable podcast featuring the Thirsty Team and people who inspire us! We’ll dive into what’s currently creating fans in pop culture, sports, technology, design, branding, marketing and business.

What it means to be a fan of anything is always evolving. We want to make sure we stay as fresh as possible by having conversations amongst ourselves and with outside experts.

Catch Thirsty Vibes on Itunes, Spotify and SoundCloud soon!

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